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The Benefits Of An Outpatient Program

The Benefits Of An Outpatient Program

You’ve lost count of the times you’ve tried to quit using or drinking, with no success, and you just want to break free from the vicious cycle, once and for all. We assure you, you’re not alone. 

In the United States, a 2021 study found more than 46 million people aged 12 and older qualify as having a substance use disorder within the past year — and 94% of these people did not receive any treatment. 

A substance use disorder is like any other illness or disease, and trying to heal yourself isn’t usually the best plan of action. Instead, seeking the expertise of specialists, such as NAD in Georgia’s Dr. Krishna Doniparthi, sets you up for the best chances of success. Our team has the tools and knowledge patients need to overcome substance use disorders, including an intensive outpatient program

Two sides to a difficult problem

As you’ve probably already discovered, breaking free from a substance use disorder is challenging, to put it mildly. This is because there are two sides to a substance use disorder, whether it’s alcohol or drugs: 

1. Dependence

This aspect of a substance use disorder describes the physical dependence your body has on your substance of choice, which is why you experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit. 

2. Addiction

This piece of the puzzle refers to the biochemical changes in your brain that favors using or drinking. As a result of addiction, you experience cravings and an inability to control them. 

While detoxing can generally address the first — dependence — the addiction aspect is what makes real recovery difficult. 

Through our intensive outpatient program, our goal is to restore the health of your brain so that it’s no longer held prisoner by your substance use disorder. 

All the tools you need for success

Setting yourself up for the best chances of long-term success occurs in the early days of recovery. Our outpatient program is 10-14 days long. Each day, you come to our office for targeted treatments that include: 

Brain restoration

Through BR+NAD (brain restoration plus nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) IV therapy, we provide your brain with the resources it needs to create healthier neural pathways. This will go a long way toward addressing cravings. 

IV therapy

We also provide you with targeted IV therapies that replenish critical vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in your body. 

NSS-2 bridge device

The NSS-2 bridge is an innovative device that we place around your ear to disrupt the signaling to certain receptors in your brain to reduce cravings. 

Counseling and support

From one-on-one counseling to broader support groups, these interactions can help you work through your early recovery and give you the strength you need to move forward with your life. 

If you’re truly ready to stop being a prisoner to your substance use disorder, it’s important to have the right team in your corner. And that team is only one click away — to schedule your consultation at our office in Alpharetta, Georgia, simply click here.

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