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Restoring Brain Health To Fight Addiction

Restoring Brain Health To Fight Addiction

When you’re dealing with addiction, you engage in daily mental warfare as your rational brain combats your addicted brain and, sadly, the addicted brain tends to win out. Rather than viewing this as a sign of weakness, it’s more productive to think of this as a hostage situation. Quite simply, chemical changes have hijacked your brain, leaving you powerless over your addiction.

As addiction specialists, Dr. Krishna Doniparthi and the team here NAD in Georgia understand how a substance use disorder can take over your mind, body, and soul, and we’re here to provide you with the tools you need to fight back.

If you’re among the nearly 20 million people in the United States who are battling a substance use disorder, explore how restoring your brain through BR+NAD can give you an invaluable leg up.

The truth behind addiction

Many people refer to a substance use disorder as a disease of the mind and the body, which is a very accurate assessment. There are two parts of the equation when it comes to substance use disorders — dependence and addiction.

The dependence side refers to your body’s reliance on your substance of choice, which accounts for the withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit.

The addiction side of the equation is what occurs in your brain. When you drink or use, there are chemical and physical changes that can take place in your brain. 

For example, addiction can suppress the natural production of dopamine (the “feel good” hormone) in your brain in favor of your substance. So, the only thing that will trigger your reward center becomes drugs or alcohol, rather than healthier pleasures like getting together with friends.

As well, certain drugs, such as marijuana and opioids, can attach themselves to neurons in your brain and interfere with the way your brain sends and receives neurotransmitters. Other drugs can lead to a bigger release of neurotransmitters. In either case, when you have an addiction, chemicals in your brain are not balanced and function is impaired.

Getting your brain healthy again

Since your substance use disorder is largely rooted in your brain, it makes sense to strengthen your defenses in this area if you want to take back control.

For this brain restoration, we turn to BR+NAD therapy. NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which is a coenzyme that influences:

  • Metabolism
  • Immune cell function
  • DNA repair
  • Cellular communication

When you have a substance use disorder, the odds are good that your natural NAD levels are low. When we replenish them through this therapy, we can provide your brain with the energy it needs to restore itself.

In addition to the NAD, we also include critical amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that boost your body and your mind.

We administer the BR+NAD intravenously to bypass your digestive tract, which can break down the ingredients. Instead, we deliver these vital resources directly into your bloodstream where they can get to where they need to go to restore your brain and body.

If you’d like to learn more about how BR+NAD IV therapy can help you overcome your addiction, please contact our office in Alpharetta, Georgia, to set up a consultation.

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