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Addiction Treatment Physician located in Alpharetta, GA

About Our Practice

NAD in Georgia provides addiction therapy to adolescents and adults in Alpharetta, Georgia. NAD in Georgia’s medical director and addiction treatment physician, Krishna Doniparthi, MD, takes an integrative, alternative, and holistic approach to care.

NAD in Georgia provides addiction therapy for opioid use disorder, alcohol use disorder, and addictions to other drugs and substances. Addiction therapy is a 10-14 day intensive outpatient program. Dr. Doniparthi, the registered nurses and the front office staff are on hand for this patient-centered therapy.  

Dr. Doniparthi uses BR+NAD (brain restoration plus nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) therapy. This intravenous (IV) therapy repairs the addicted brain, restoring its function. The addiction treatment physician also uses a one-of-a-kind FDA cleared NSS-2 Bridge device during detox to help with cravings and withdrawals.

Dr. Doniparthi is also a pain specialist and a board-certified regenerative and functional medicine physician. In addition to addiction therapy, he treats pain, long COVID, and other chronic health conditions that fail to respond to traditional treatments.

The therapies available at NAD in Georgia are not covered by insurance, so patients pay out-of-pocket for their treatments. However, Dr. Doniparthi’s outpatient addiction therapy takes less time than conventional inpatient programs and is more effective.

NAD in Georgia offers third party financing plans for their addiction therapy program to make it more accessible. Dr. Doniparthi wants everyone who needs help to get it, and does not want to discourage patients who think they can not afford the therapies.

NAD in Georgia offers freedom from addiction. Call today or schedule a consultation online.