NAD in Georgia

NAD+ in Georgia

Addiction Treatment Physician in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Detoxes Safely

Detox naturally and safely under medical supervision — a 10 day intravenous treatment

Minimal Cravings

Cravings may begin to subside as  early as day 1 or 3  of treatment

Brain Restoration

Restores healthy brain functions, such as memory, concentration, clarity, optimism, and more

About Us

NAD in Georgia provides addiction therapy to adolescents and adults in Alpharetta, Georgia. NAD in Georgia’s medical director and addiction treatment physician, Krishna Doniparthi, MD, takes an integrative, alternative, and holistic approach to care.

NAD+ in Georgia provides addiction therapy for opioid use disorder, alcohol use disorder, and addictions to other drugs and substances. Addiction therapy is a 10-day intensive outpatient program.

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